Friday 26 October 2012

Mr Salmon in 30 km Lead, Close to New World Record

Majority of the fishsport analysts seemed convinced that Free Salmon GP is close to solution, after Makia Racing team's Mr Salmon put a bigger gear on and sped up to top score of 17800 meters, just a dash short of the world record. At the moment Mr Salmon is very close to Anjalankoski dam, and he simply couldn't get much higher.
Loikka, of the Vision Flyfishingin team, returned back on track and for the sheer joy of finding the others in the race he swam almost 10 km, finding his way from the Korkeakoski oultet back to the langinkoski, and thence upwards. He could still come from behind and surprise everybody.
Sexy MF stayed nearer the Koivukoski dam, not quite figuring out how to get through it. The fish declared it had made new sponsor deals again, and spent the day by counting money it had made for the migration research of the wild born salmons by selling logos FishRun-products and Free Salmon-shirts.

Last Salmochican Victorious in Kuntavaali GP – Finnishing with New World Record

The winner.

The final leg of the Kuntavaali (Local Election) GP started with thrilling setting, as three leading fishes shared almost the same position. However, soon after the start, the Green fish Last Salmochican (”Viimeinen Lohikaani") had an explosive takeoff and hit the Piirteenkoski rapid respectfully 18000 meters upstream from were it started. That is a new world record, and it will very likely stay so, at least until next year.

”We came here to spawn”, Last Salmochican stated, and therefore it was only natural to swim a bit up and down to check out the places. I wasn't worried a bit, as I knew all the time that I could swim from the starting area right to the end of the track at Anjalankoski during one days leg any time.”

The silver was taken by the Swedish Calle, and bronze went to new comer of the race, team PerusKanki's Bamse (”Maailman Vahvin Nalle”), who took part only in two legs, but still managed to beat the other fishes that were competing for third position.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Nousiainen passed Sexy MF, Loikka turned downwards

The track is open in front of Nousiainen

Spey Clave's Nousiainen is the new leader of the free Salmon GP, after it managed to pass, against the odds, Jury's own favorite Sexy MF, neglecting bravely the sea mines protecting the position of previous leader. Nousiainen has plenty of free waters in front of him, now that the fish has beaten the dishonest contestant protected unfairly by the organizers of the race. To celebrate the successful day, Nousiainen was seen wearing Free Salmon-shirt, available at the Spey Clave store.

The most prominent swimmer of the day was Loikka of Vision Flyfishing team, although rather unfortunately it chose wrong direction and swam to the dead end of Korkeakoski outlet. Makia Racing team's Mr Salmon is focusing a bit more to the sales of the fancy clothing than actual competition, but he is still third in the overall race, as is his team mate Kimi Raikkonen in the equally popular F1 car sport.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Peter, Mr Salmon and Emma 952 Day's Winners

 Sexy MF is a commercial success, and a moral disaster

The soaking wet track of the FishRun GP:s did not offer top scores during the weekend. The swimmers agreed widely, that conditions were too tough for anything but routine performances.

In Kuntavaali GP (The Local Election GP) contestants were already preparing for the final leg on Tuesday. Pietari took the brightest medal with just 10 meter before Calle, who apparently was singing the notorious Finland-Swedish song, with phrase sumhomffaralallalei, a bit too early.

The Last Salmochican (”Lohikaani”) kept swimming down, this time 950 meters, and the crowds are still waiting for it's final spurt. Will it ever happen, remains to be seen. However, the only vegetarian of the race will have to work hard to beat Calle, who is leading the overall GP. The Hope (”Toivo”) is still lost, whereas Paavo was finally discovered in Kallio, Helsinki, at a football field. He was removed from the starting list, as it seemed impossible to get the brave fish back on track in time. 

At the Free Salmon GP top scorers of the day were Mr Salmon of Makia Racing team, and Nousiainen of Spey Clave. Loikka and Problem lost the game, as they floated down the stream back to the starting area at Langinkoski. The leading fish is still Jury's own Sexy MF, who's position was, according to malevolent gossip, protected by a zone of sea mines. UN has proved to be totally dysfunctional in it's efforts to steer the judges towards principles of fair play. This caused wide spread demonstrations, which did not seem to bother the fish, who cashed the attention received by making new sponsor deals. 

Korkeakoski GP has started, and the leading fish is prominently swimming Emma 952, of the Team Kalavale. The fish has located it self cleverly to the very spot, were a fishway should be built, to enable spawning for these fishes, too.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Houston's Problem Leading the Race

Problem solved, said Houston's fish after clearing the harpoons

Free Salmon GP was taken over by a new fish, after Problem spurted to victory during last minutes of the leg. Jury's own fish Sexy MF was an object of various doubts, again, as the gossip suggested that the MF fish was protected by divers armed with harpoons. If so, Problem's achievement was even greater, as it managed to navigate through the dangers set unfairly along it's route. Eventually, Problem cleared the entire lower part of the river Kymi and ended near the inlet of the fishway at Koivukoski.

Nousiainen of Spey Clave took silver today, raising third in the overall race. Rapala's BX Swimmer was testing some obscure miniature fishes and it floated a kilometer down the stream. Mr. Salmon of Makia Racing team was not very competitive today. The fish was seen selling brand new Makia Racing clothing and FishRun special products. The general agreement on and off the riverbanks seemed to be, that the shirts were cool.

Friday 19 October 2012

Swedish People's Party Skåled on Friday – 12 400 Meters UP!

Heja!, cheered Calle after a record raise

The Election GP has witnessed top scorers before, but this time the top performer was a new Fish, Calle of the Swedes. The fish scored all time third best daily spurt of nearly 13 km, ending up at Kultoonkoski rapid.

”We had some crayfishes and snaps in the evening with Svante and Gösse and other mates from our sailing club”, said the fish with somewhat reddish eyes, ”and the streaming cold water just felt wonderful around my head”, he continued behind his tiny little mustache.

The other fishes were left far behind. Day's second was Salmochican (Mohikaani), and third Pietari. Toivo and Paavo were not found at all. Toivo had possibly swam to the sea, whereas Paavo has been lost since the beginning of the race.

Sexy MF on top – an Amateur Shot Controversial Evidence of Fraud

Not a day without a scandal in the Free Salmon GP. Thursday's leg was truly dominated by Jury's own Fish Sexy MF, but his performance provoked a lot of malevolent gossip, particularly after a bystander managed to shoot a film suggesting that Sexy MF was somehow motorized.

The crowds got furious as the word spread out. The appeals reached both the Olympic Committee and the United Nations. It was reported that both organizations set a is a special committee to research the evidence of the case. The jury did not make things easier, on the contrary, it behaved arrogantly and told everyone to shut up.

The top teams, committed to fair play, were overshadowed by the suspected fraud. The second of the day was, however, Makia Racing team's Mr Salmon, and next in the chart were respectively BX Swimmer of team Rapala, Nousiainen of Spey Clave, Loikka of Vision Flyfishing and Problem of the Houston Inc.